Adult Detention Facility

Jail Information

The DeSoto County Adult Detention Facility is located at 3425 Industrial Dr. Hernando, MS 38632. Please note that due to the lack of updated mapping at the facility's location if you type the correct address into your smartphone or GPS it will guide you to the wrong location. When using one of these devices please enter 3091 Industrial Drive West Hernando, MS 38632. Using this address will guide you to the correct location.

For information concerning an inmate, search our online jail docket or call 662-469-8568. All bonding companies needing paperwork or information on inmates must visit the online jail docket to obtain that information.

All visitation takes place in our visitation center located at 2615 Panola Street Hernando, MS For visiting hours as well as rules for visiting click here.

Stay in contact with an inmate via email by using Smart Jail Mail.

You can contact the jail's chaplain, Chaplain Curtis Pennington, at (662) 469-8629.