Community Relations

The Community Relations Division of the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is tasked with developing and maintaining collaborative partnerships between citizens, businesses, faith-based leaders, and the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department. The main focus of the campaign is crime prevention and the implementation of proactive enforcement efforts and measures aimed at the reduction of criminal incidents, rather than just responding to them after they have occurred. Simply, the goal of the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is to prevent crime from happening.

Crime prevention requires the active cooperation of all members of the community. The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department is working hard to catch the “bad guys” and put them behind bars, but we are counting on you, the citizens, to work together in the fight against crime. In fact, the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department believes this team effort is so important that it is mentioned in the department’s mission statement, which states in part, “we strive to eradicate criminal activity and conditions that have a detrimental impact upon public safety by working together.” We can make DeSoto County the most desirable place to live and work in Mississippi.

DeSoto County is a dynamic county with hard-working citizens who want a safe county. We need everyone to become involved and be energized in their efforts to protect themselves, family, and hard-earned property. The Community Relations Division has crime prevention tips and programs available to be downloaded on this web site under the forms and documents section. All programs are FREE, and we will go to churches, schools, community centers, neighborhoods (Neighborhood Watch and Home Security Checks), and all organized meeting groups to present the programs. We will do night and weekend programs as necessary.

The Sheriffs Department also has a few deputies that are certified to inspect your child's safety seat. This service is free and all you need to do is call dispatch to see if one of the specially trained deputies are on duty and available to do the inspection. If for some reason they are not, dispatch will take your information and one of the deputies will contact you and set up a time for you to come by the station to have an inspection done.. Dispatch can be reached at 662-469-8527