Posted on: September 27, 2016

Used Flag Receptacles


Beginning in November, individuals will have a new way to dispose of torn and tattered flags in DeSoto County. The DeSoto County Board of Supervisors has repurposed two post office style mailboxes to serve as used flag receptacles. Citizens will be able to deposit used flags at either of two locations and the deposited flags will then be disposed of in a manner consistent with the United States Flag Code. One likely disposal method includes these flags being donated to Boy Scout troops to be used in teaching flag etiquette with emphasis on proper flag disposal.

The mailboxes were donated by the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department for this new purpose and the DeSoto County Arts Council, under the direction of Margaret Yates, gave the boxes a new “stars and stripes” themed paint job. The Board of Supervisors will be placing the boxes in front of the DeSoto County Administration Building in Hernando and at an additional location that has yet to be determined.

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