Board of Supervisors

Supervisors Swearing in 2020

DeSoto County is governed by five elected District Supervisors.  Supervisors are elected to four-year terms by citizens in their district.  While each Supervisor represents his or her district, all the members are expected to look after the good of DeSoto County as a whole. 

Jessie Medlin
District 1 Supervisor

Jessie Medlin, District One Supervisor

Jessie Medlin Contact & Biography

Mark Gardner
District 2 Supervisor

Mark Gardner Supervisor District 2

Mark Gardner Contact & Biography

Ray Denison
Dist. 3 Supervisor & President

Ray Denison, Supervisor District 3

Ray Denison Contact & Biography

Lee Caldwell
Dist 4 Supervisor & VP

Lee Caldwell Photo updated 2021

Lee Caldwell Contact & Biography

Michael Lee
Dist. 5 Supervisor 

Michael Lee, District Five Supervisor

Michael Lee Contact & Biography

redistricting pictureRedistricting Flyers

The DeSoto County Board of Supervisors is pleased to announce the distribution of a redistricting flyer to all citizens. It provides essential information about the redistricting process, newly established district boundaries, voting precincts, and their respective Supervisor.

Primary Duties

County supervisors provide leadership over critical policy areas, including policies necessary to ensure safe communities, construction & maintenance of roads and bridges, protect public health, promote economic development, and plan and manage land use for sustainable development.  Supervisors also provide important oversight of county operations, including managing strategies to promote sound fiscal management and to develop a high-quality county government workforce.  

  • Adopt an annual budget
  • Establish the annual property tax rate
  • Set policies, goals, and objectives to direct the County's growth and development
  • Adopt and provide for ordinances, rules, and regulations as necessary for the general welfare of the County
  • Carry out other responsibilities set forth by Mississippi State statutes

At the beginning of each year, the Board chooses from its members a president and a vice president to serve during the following year. The president presides at Board meetings and signs documents in the name of the county. The vice president substitutes when the president is absent.

District Maps

DeSoto County Supervisors service citizens in the below maps through 2023.   (Please see the Redistricting section for polling locations and the areas to be served starting in 2024.)


Every ten years, counties are required by law to use new census data to redraw its district lines to reflect local population changes since the last census. Each of the five districts in DeSoto County must be as equal in population as practicable to ensure voters have equal access to political representation.  

What you need to know about Redistricting Maps

  • Citizens vote in the newly redrawn districts starting in 2023. 
    • Voters will follow the newly redrawn maps to determine which district they will vote in and their polling location.
    • Some addresses may be in a new district.
  • Candidates elected in 2023 will begin serving citizens in the redrawn districts starting in 2024.
  • Supervisors and other elected county leaders will continue to serve people in the current districts through the end of 2023.

DISTRICT 1 MAP for 2023 Elections & 2024 District Boundaries

DISTRICT 2 MAP for 2023 Elections & 2024 District Boundaries

DISTRICT 3 MAP for 2023 Elections & 2024 District Boundaries

DISTRICT 4 MAP for 2023 Elections & 2024 District Boundaries

DISTRICT 5 MAP for 2023 Elections & 2024 District Boundaries

COUNTY MAP for 2023 Elections & 2024 District Boundaries

Note: The election maps linked from this page are Adobe PDF documents. If you experience problems displaying one of these maps in your browser: 

  1. Open the map in a different web browser, or
  2. Download the map by right-clicking the link, selecting "Save link as...", and then opening in Adobe Acrobat Reader, or
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For More Information

For more information, contact the office for the Board of Supervisors at 662-469-8002.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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