Eastern Corridor

The Eastern Corridor sector is roughly 78.3 square miles. There is a significant amount of existing residential development near the intersection of Highway 304 and Byhalia Road and Highway 305. Facilities and economic development efforts should focus on providing residentially compatible amenities and services. Land Use recommendations encourage the most intense development around the interchange of Highway 78 and I-269.

Primary Transportation Corridors

Primary Transportation Corridors include:

  • Bethel Road
  • Byhalia Road and Highway 304
  • Craft Road
  • Highway 178
  • Highway 305
  • Highway 78
  • Holly Springs Road
  • Pleasant Hills Road and College Road
  • Red Banks Road
  • Ross Road


Interchanges in Eastern Corridor sector are:

  • Highway 78 and Bethel Road
  • Highway 78 and Red Banks Road
  • I-269 and Craft Road
  • I-269 and Highway 305
  • I-269 and Highway 78
  • I-269 and Laughter Road
  • I-269 and Red Banks Road
Eastern Section Map