Delinquent Taxes

The Chancery Clerk is responsible for collecting delinquent taxes on properties that are sold at the County's annual tax sale. We accept cash, credit card, check (no foreign checks), money order or certified check. Funds should be for the exact amount due and made payable to the DeSoto County Chancery Clerk. If you wish to pay by credit card, there is a 2.5% convenience fee and you must use an online portal, which requires an internet connection and an email address. Contact our office at 662-469-8399 or email us for a link to the credit card portal.

Visit our website to look up delinquent taxes due in the Chancery Clerk's Office.

Delinquent tax amounts and/or redemption information for property that is sold in the annual tax sale are available online. Search the Delinquent Taxes database and follow the link to Pay Online.


Payment types accepted: 

  • Cash
  • Check (no foreign bank accounts)
  • Credit Card 
  • Money Order

If you would like, pay by credit card online. Once an online payment is submitted, please contact our office to confirm.

Please note: All payments by credit card will be subject to a 2.5% convenience charge.

Taxes Maturing in 2023

Taxes sold in the 2021 tax sale that have not yet been paid will mature on August 30, 2023. This means that the owner could lose title to the property and the purchaser of the taxes could obtain a tax deed to the property. A list of those unredeemed parcels will be published in the DeSoto Times Tribune newspaper.  This list may be outdated, as payments are being collected until August 30, 2023. A report will also be published here on our website as soon as the list is published in the newspaper.