Online Records

Records Provided Online by the Chancery Clerk

The office of the Chancery Clerk has spent the last twenty years making documents recorded in our office available online. The following documents were recorded in DeSoto County and can be searched online:

Delinquent Tax Receipts (sold in the Tax Sale and collected by the Chancery Clerk)

Foreclosure Sale Notices

Land Records (deeds, mortgages, etc.)

Liens (construction liens, federal tax liens, etc.)

Power of Attorney documents (health care directives, etc.)

Subdivision Covenants & Restrictions

Subdivision Plats

Tax Rolls

Records Provided by Other Departments Online

Board of Supervisors Agendas & Minutes (maintained by the County Administrator)

GIS Map of all Parcels (maintained by the GIS department)

Current Year Tax receipts (maintained by the Tax Collector)

Current Tax Appraisal Data (maintained by the Tax Assessor)

Justice Court Case File Data (maintained by Justice Court)

Circuit Clerk Inquiry Information (maintained by the Circuit Clerk)

DeSoto County Adult Detention Facility Jail Docket (maintained by the Sheriff’s Department)