Emergency Alerts

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January 16, 2024 2:09 PM

Declaration of Emergency due to Inclement Weather

The purpose of a local emergency declaration is to provide the government with the authority to do the following if needed:
• Do what is necessary for the safety of people and the protection of property;
• Allows for the coordination of resources from all sectors;
• Authorizes the issuance of orders and regulations as needed;
• Activates pre-established emergency plans;
• And is a prerequisite for requesting state or federal assistance.

DeSoto County Supervisors, Employees, and Road Crews are continually monitoring conditions. Crews will continue to treat roads to the best of our abilities. With more than 660 miles in unincorporated DeSoto County - we ask that citizens remain patient and use caution when driving. Conditions may change as snow turns to ice.

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