County Court


Honorable Allen B. Couch

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County Court Cases

County Courts in Mississippi handle cases under its three divisions: Civil Division, Criminal Division and Youth Court Division.

Civil Matters

The County Court of DeSoto County has:

  • Jurisdiction concurrent with the Circuit and Chancery Courts in all civil matters of law and equity wherein the amount in controversy does not exceed $200,000
  • Jurisdiction concurrent with the Justice Court in all civil matters
  • Jurisdiction of all civil appeals from the Justice Court
  • Original jurisdiction of partition of personal property, replevin, eviction and unlawful entry and detainer cases
  • Exclusive jurisdiction of all eminent domain cases

These cases are filed in the Civil Division of the County Court.

Criminal Matters

The County Court has jurisdiction concurrent with the Justice Court in all criminal matters of misdemeanors and felony preliminary hearings; jurisdiction of felony cases, except capital offenses, when the Circuit Court transfers such cases to it; jurisdiction of criminal cases appealed from the Justice Court and Municipal Courts. These cases are files in the Civil Division and Criminal Division of the County Court.

Youth Court

The County Court has exclusive jurisdiction of all cases wherein a juvenile (a child younger than age 18) is alleged to be a child in need of supervision, an abused child, a neglected child or a delinquent child (one who commits a crime). These cases are filed in the Youth Court Division of the County Court.

Domestic Abuse Protection Orders (DAPO)

The Circuit Court handles Domestic Abuse Protection Orders (DAPO). A DAPO is a civil court order that may enhance the safety of some victims of abuse. It is specifically designed to help people who are being abused by someone to whom they are married or were formerly married, or someone with whom they have or formerly had an intimate or dating relationship, or someone with whom they have a close family relationship.