Juvenile Drug Court

Prevention Program

Juvenile Drug Court is a three-phase intervention program for juveniles who are on probation and who are having difficulty staying clean and sober. It is a collaborative effort between adults in the:

  • DeSoto County Schools
  • DeSoto County Sheriff's Department
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Juvenile Drug Court
  • Police agencies 
  • Public Defenders Office
  • Treatment providers
  • Youth Court Prosecutors Office
  • Youth Services

By working together, we seek to provide consistent supervision geared toward supporting and helping participants maintain a drug-free life.

Drug Court Involvement & Requirements

Drug Court involves frequent court appearances, random drug testing, and individual, group, and family counseling. Additionally, participants are required to be enrolled in school, GED program, a vocational program, or be employed.

The court awards incentives for compliant behavior and imposes sanctions for negative behavior. An extended period of sobriety is required for graduation from Drug Court. Participants who do not comply with the Drug Court program can result in termination from the program.

The Drug Court Team, working with the juvenile, will assist the child and family to ensure that the best interest of the child is being met.