Special Investigations Division

The Special Investigations Division (SID) is responsible for the comprehensive, proactive, follow-up investigation of criminal offenses that occur within DeSoto County and identifying, apprehending, and assisting in the prosecution of criminal offenders.

SID agents investigate all crimes associated with illegal narcotics, to include but not limited to: possession of narcotics, sale of narcotics, manufacturing of narcotics, trafficking of narcotics, and overdoses. Agents also conduct investigations stemming from illegal gang activity, gang identification; various weapon related crimes, and human trafficking.  

The duties of agents in the Special Investigations Division include, but are not limited to: conduct surveillance of known or suspected criminals, provide back-up for other undercover officers who are making purchases of illegal items, develop sources of information through the use of confidential informants, visit locations frequented by criminals to determine criminal habits, obtain and execute search and arrest warrants, operate various surveillance vehicles and equipment, prepare complex case files and testify in legal proceedings regarding evidence of violations of criminal law, maintaining a liaison with surrounding law enforcement agencies, conducting complex interviews and interrogations, and arrest persons believed to have violated criminal laws.

The Special Investigations Division is composed of eleven agents, two Sergeants, one Lieutenant, and one Captain. Currently in the division, there are two Task Force Officers (TFO), one for the FBI, and one for the DEA. Also in the Special Investigations Division is a K-9 handler who specializes in narcotics detection. The Special Investigations Division has won awards from the K-9 Olympics and received the 2022 Angel Award, presented by the Center for Violence Prevention, for their hard work at combating human trafficking.