Civil Process

Civil Process is a branch of the Fugitive Division. This unit is comprised of officers that primarily handle civil matters. These officers serve court documents that include subpoenas, executions, replevins, lockout orders, protection orders and other various documents.

Instructions For Service

You must provide the address where the individual or debtor resides or is employed. (No P.O. Box address will be accepted.) We can only serve papers to individuals or businesses that are located within DeSoto County.

Send to:
DeSoto County Sheriff's Department
Attn: Civil Process
3091 Industrial Drive W
Hernando, MS 38632


The current fee for serving one civil paper is $45. An additional $5 will be added if there is more than one defendant needing to be served at the same address or if there is more than one document needing to be served. We accept checks or money orders made payable to DeSoto County Sheriff's Department.