Election Maps

DeSoto County Districts

DeSoto County Supervisors, Justice Court Judges, Constables, and Election Commissioners were elected to represent citizens in each district through 2023. 

Redistricting Maps & What it Means for Elections Held in 2023

Every ten years, counties are required by law to use new census data to redraw its district lines to reflect local population changes since the last census. Each of the five districts in DeSoto County must be as equal in population as practicable to ensure voters have equal access to political representation.  

What you need to know about Redistricting Maps

  • Citizens vote in the newly redrawn districts starting in 2023. 
    • Voters will follow the newly redrawn maps to determine which district they will vote in and their polling location.
    • NOTE: Some addresses may be in a new district and/or a new polling location.
    • Candidates elected in 2023 will begin serving citizens in the redrawn districts starting in 2024.

Municipal Election Wards & State Voting Districts

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