Burn Permits

For Residential Burn Permits please call 662-469-8080.

For Commercial Burn Permits please call 662-469-8017.

Open Burning

Open burning is any time you light an outdoor fire without a chimney or stack. DeSoto County Government does allow open burning in the unincorporated areas and is responsible for issuing burn permits. Open burning is not allowed inside any of the municipalities within DeSoto County. Open burning falls into two categories, Residential and Commercial. This permit process is free of charge.

Why Can Open Burning Be a Problem?

Open burning, on occasions, may get out of control and burn or destroy things you do not want it to burn. Open burning can also release toxic fumes harmful to health and the environment. Leaves and plant materials send aloft millions of spores when they catch fire, causing many people with allergies to have difficulty breathing. The pollutants released by unregulated open burning also makes it more difficult to maintain compliance with health-based air quality standards.

Acceptable Burning Items

  • A residential burn permit may be issued on personal property for open burning of campfire wood, brush (less than 5 inches in diameter), weeds, leaves, grass, clean lumber scraps and paper products generated by one– two-, or three-family residence.
  • A Commercial burn permit may be issued for land-clearing waste such as trees, brush & stumps.

Open Burning That Is Never Allowed

  • Construction & demolition debris, treated lumber, painted or stained wood, coated or laminated paper
  • Materials containing rubber, grease & asphalt or made from petroleum, such as tires, cars, auto parts, plastics or plastic-coated wire used oil, gas & hazardous waste
  • Household trash & garbage

Obtaining a Burn Permit

To apply for a residential burn permit, please call 662-469-8080 and follow the automated menu.

To apply for a commercial burn permit please contact the DeSoto County Emergency Services Office at 662-469-8017. A site visit will be conducted prior to issuing a permit.

Agricultural burn permits are handled by the Mississippi Forestry Commission and can be reached at 1-877-226-5414.


Residential Burn Permit Rules & Regulations

  • No household garbage, tires, plastics, wires, insulation, furniture, or clothing may be burned
  • No types of starting fuel may be used
  • You cannot burn within 150 feet of a standing structure
  • Fire must be attended at all times
  • Fire must be extinguished by dark
  • If neighbors complain about the smoke, you will be asked to extinguish the fire
  • If the fire gets off your property, you will be responsible for the damages
  • Do not burn any standing or partially standing structure
  • Burn permit is only good for the day on which it is applied

Commercial Burn Permit Rules & Regulations

  • Area must be cleared to bare ground at least 50 feet all sides
  • Must dig a fire pit and have in operation, a forced-draft air system (blower)
  • Pit must be a minimum of 100 yards of an occupied dwelling
  • Must be attended at all times
  • Must make every effort to insure fires are out by dark each day
  • If the fire gets off the site, you will be responsible for damages and cost of extinguishment

Other Restrictions

  • Fires cannot obscure visibility for roadways, rail-road tracks or air fields
  • Open burning is not allowed when air pollution warnings are published based on the air quality index for the Ozone and Particulate Matter
  • No waste generated off the premises may be burned. Example, contractors may not haul branches and limbs to another site to burn