Winter Tornadoes: January 11, 2020

An EF1 tornado traveled from the Arkabutla area, through the Love community and an EF2 tornado formed on the east side of Hernando and traveled through the Lewisburg community and exited the County in Olive Branch. They created havoc for our area:

  • All 8 County Fire departments and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) units were out and assisting during the response.
  • 544 Residential Properties affected
  • 18 Commercial properties affected
  • 354 Families needed assistance
  • More than 20,000 volunteer man hours utilized
  • 40 non-profit/non-governmental organization assisted with response and recovery.
  • More than 240,000 cubic yards of debris (6,129 truckloads) were picked up and disposed of in fire pits or landfills. The debris taken to fire pits created 1,057 tons of ash.
  • God protected DeSoto Countians that morning, and there were only minor injuries.
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After the Storm 

Move the slider to the right to see recovery efforts so far.

A mangled mess of fallen trees in front of a home on Allison Road. Move the slider to the right to see what the yard looks like now.

DeSoto County Emergency Medical Agency (EMA) Director turning onto Allison Road from Craft Road. The Tornado downed trees and powerlines across Craft Road. Move the slider to the right to see what Craft road looks like now.

District 5 Supervisor Michael Lee and District 2 Supervisor Mark Gardner offer support to homeowners on Allison Road. The home was a total loss. Move the slider to the right to see the home they are building.

DeSoto County Road Crew have been hard at work since the tornadoes hit.