E-Recording of Real Property Records

What is E-Recording?

With E-Recording, the customer scans the document and uploads it through a portal provided by an approved E-Recording Submitter. Original document never leaves the customer’s possession since it is scanned for submission. Once recorded, the customer receives an image of the document with the Clerk’s recording stamp affixed for their records. 

What are the Benefits of E-Recording?

  • Processing time is reduced from days or weeks to just minutes. In most cases your documents are recorded and back in your possession within 24 hours. 
  • Fewer Rejections and quicker corrections
  • No more "Race to the Courthouse" eliminating the need to drive to the Land Records office
  • Increased Productivity
  • Eliminates Postage & Shipping Costs

What is the cost to E-Record?

Standard recording fees will apply as usual. Fee Schedules are provided through the link on our www.desotocountyms.gov/chancery page. Customers wishing to E-Record must choose a Submitter. Submittal fees are collected by these E-Recording vendors and may vary from company to company. We encourage you to contact these companies to determine which company can best meet the needs of your organization.

Approved Submitters

Ready to E-Record? Contact one of these vendors authorized to submit E-Recordings to DeSoto County. 

Corporation Service Company (CSC)

eRecording Partners Network (ePN)

Simplifile LLC

Standards of Recording

In 2011, the Mississippi Legislature approved a set of standards for Electronic Recording of Real Property Records in the Offices of Chancery Clerks.