E-Recording of Real Property Records

E-Recording allows the customer to scan and upload their documents directly into a self service portal provided by an approved third party E-Recording Submitter. Original documents never leave the customer's possession since they are submitted electronically. Once recorded, the customer receives an official image of the document with the Clerk's recording stamp affixed for their records.


  • Processing time is reduced from days or weeks to just minutes. In most cases, your documents are recorded within 24 hours
  • Fewer rejections and quicker correction turnaround
  • No need to drive to the Land Records office to make cutoff before weekends or holidays
  • Increased productivity
  • Eliminates postage and expedited shipping costs

Cost to E-Record

Customers wishing to E-Record must sign up through a third party Submitter. These E-Recording vendors charge a service fee which may vary from company to company. We encourage you to contact these companies to determine which company can best meet the needs of your organization. Standard recording fees will still apply.

Approved Submitters

Ready to E-Record in DeSoto County? Contact one of these authorized vendors:

Standards of Recording

In 2011, the Mississippi Legislature approved a set of standards for Electronic Recording of Real Property Records (PDF) in the Offices of Chancery Clerks. Please review them to ensure your documents are compliant.