Design Manual

The purpose of the Stormwater Design Manual is to furnish additional policy, criteria and information, including specifications and standards, for the proper implementation of the requirements of the Stormwater Ordinance. Of the six required Phase II Stormwater control measures, the primary focus of this manual shall be on illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction site stormwater runoff control, and post-construction stormwater management.

This manual includes a list of acceptable Stormwater treatment practices, including the specific design criteria for each Stormwater practice. It shall also include operation, permitting, and inspection checklists which shall be used by the AEA and/or Contractor in evaluating Stormwater practices. The manual may be updated and expanded from time to time based on improvements in engineering, science, monitoring and local maintenance experience. Stormwater treatment practices that are designed and constructed in accordance with these design and sizing criteria will be presumed to meet the minimum water quality performance standards.

Stormwater Design Manual