I need Help! Who do I call?

I need to file a stormwmater complaint. Fill out the following Drainage Complaint Form.

I need to speak to the Stormwater Manager.  Contact Road Manager Robert Jarman at 662.469.8730

I need help obtaining a permit.  Contact Civil Engineer Scott Young 662.469.8736

I need to know the status of a permit.  Contact Stormwater Coordinator Cathy Barham at 662.469.8731

I need a stormwater inspection.  Contact Lead Drainage Inspector Coby Ayers at 662.469.8747

I need a driveway culvert inspection.  Contact Surveyor Jack Etheridge at 662.469.8739

What is the Stormwater Hotline? 662.429.8025

What is considered normal business office hours? 7:00 am ‐3:30 pm Monday‐Friday

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1. What is Stormwater?
2. What is Non-point source pollution?
3. How do nutrients such as nitrogen get into stormwater?
4. Does stormwater get treated at the waste water treatment plant?
5. What is impervious surface?
6. Why do we need to manage stormwater runoff?
7. How is stormwater pollution managed?
8. Why are BMP’s required for new development?
9. What types of pollutants are found in the storm drain system?
10. How much are fees and how can I pay?
11. I need Help! Who do I call?