PatrolUniform Patrol

Uniform Patrol is the largest unit within the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department. There are 64 officers assigned to the Uniform Patrol Unit. These officers are assigned to one of four shifts that work on a 12-hour rotation.

DeSoto County is divided into 4 districts. Each Shift has a Lieutenant and two Sergeants and 10 deputies. Each officer is assigned their own patrol car and all the equipment needed to perform their job function. Each patrol car has a laptop that is capable of generating reports and assigning calls for service. The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department utilizes E-tickets that are written and printed by the computer in the patrol car.

We strive to be the best department we can be, whether it be with our equipment or our officers. The sheriffs department is dedicated to be a pro-active agency that deters crime before it happens. The patrol division is constantly training to become better equipped to serve the citizens of DeSoto County and to stay ahead of the criminal aspect that surrounds us.


The Uniform Patrol Division consists of four separate units.

  • Uniform Patrol
  • K-9
  • School Resource
  • Traffic units (Motors, Driving Under the Influence (DUI))