The DeSoto County Sheriff's Department Motor Division is comprised of deputies highly trained in motorcycle operations. Commonly referred to as the Motor Unit, or simply Motors, the Motor Division is led by Sergeant Kenny Free who ensures the wide-ranging needs of the unit are met. As one of the Sheriff's Department's specialty divisions, Motors falls under the command of Lieutenant Jonathan Poe, who is also a motor officer.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Motor Division fills a number of roles for the Sheriff's Department not the least of which is performing escorts. In fact, many residents are familiar with the sight of a motorcade being led by the Motor Division with the blue lights flashing and the sirens wailing.

Other responsibilities include traffic enforcement, accident calls and various Public Relations events such as parades and school demonstrations.

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Motor Skills

Motor officers train regularly to keep their skills sharp. Motor school lasts for two weeks, but the schooling never truly ends with quarterly re-certifications and monthly training dates. The officers also compete with other motor officers in competitions known as "Motor Rodeos." These fun, fast-paced events pit highly skilled officers against each other in contests of speed and precision, team riding, slow riding and other challenges requiring not only skill, but also quick thinking. The Desoto County Sheriffs Department Motor Division has enjoyed some success in motor rodeos, bringing home top honors in several different divisions and events.