Robert Foster's Priorities

Robert FosterJobs & the Economy

Supervisors Robert Foster grew up in a small-business family and understands the long days, perseverance, and the responsibility it takes to run a business and be successful. He will work hard to keep DeSoto County a business friendly environment


Across our state, too few kids are ready for a career upon graduation, employers are struggling to find a skilled labor force, traditional college is not for every student, we need to make sure we bring back a focus on career tech in our county.  We must also keep safety in our schools as a top priority.

Parks & Recreation

Our County is blessed to have some great facilities for families to enjoy time together both indoors and outdoors. Robert will work to make sure these facilities are maintained properly and that we expand our facilities with our population but within our budget without having to resort to raising taxes.

Infrastructure & Transportation

DeSoto County is a growing and thriving place in our state.  We need to think long term when planning our infrastructure projects.  Robert will work closely with federal, state, and local officials & agencies to help build for the future but also protect the small town atmosphere of our communities that we have come to love so much.

Protecting our Agricultural Roots

Running the farm he grew up on allows Robert to understand the many challenges facing our farms and rural communities. Farms support local jobs and families, and Robert understands how important it is to protect the agricultural community, allow for people to live their dreams and start a homestead, while also balancing those roots with our counties continued growth.

Public Safety

As a father of two school-age children, Robert knows that good schools and safe neighborhoods top the list when Mississippians look to start a family or a business. That’s why, as supervisor Robert will make sure our Sheriff’s department has the resources they need to protect and serve our community.

Our Way of Life

Robert, a life long resident of DeSoto County, wants to protect our way of life.  We have a special place that we call home.  Supervisors Foster wants to see us grow, but he wants to make sure that we manage that growth in a way that protects the long term investment we have in our property values.  He wants DeSoto County to be a place that our children will want to stay and start their families in.