Chancery Court Judges

Chancellors & Court Administrators

DeSoto County is part of the Third Chancery District, which includes six counties along the I-55 corridor from DeSoto to Montgomery County. The Chancellors, also referred to as Chancery Court judges, hear special court cases involving wills and estates, support and custody of minor children, divorces and alimony, and lunacy or commitment hearings. 

The duty of the Chancery Court administrator is to assist the chancellor to ensure the smooth operation of the Chancery Court. In order to accomplish this duty, the administrators set the Chancery Court dockets, ensure that proper papers are filed pertaining to services provided within this court, and that correct court records are kept. 

Contact Judges & Administrators

DeSoto County’s Chancery Court Judges and their administrators are: 

  • Chancellor Percy Lynchard, Jr.
    • Administrator: Linda Stinson
    • Phone: 662-469-8374
  • Chancellor Mitchell M. Lundy, Jr.
    • Administrator: Melanie Wells
    • Phone: 662-226-1343
  • Chancellor Vicki Daniels
    • Administrator: Chrystal Winters
    • Phone: 662-563-8715

How the Chancery Clerk helps the Chancery Court

The employees of the Clerk’s office open and file all new cases in Chancery. We assist customers over the phone and in our office. The staff of the Chancery Clerk’s Office prepares appeal records for cases that go to the State Supreme Court. The Chancery Clerk’s office also keeps indexes for wills, estates, and divorces. 

Access to Justice

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