Services & Responsibilities

Land Records

The chancery clerk performs the following tasks for DeSoto County:
  • Receives and records all documents (Warranty Deeds, Deeds of Trust, etc.) filed in the Public Land Records
  • Accounts for various filing fees required to accompany documents left for recording
  • Creates an index and scan all recorded documents using imaging software
  • Maintains all records of property sold for taxes by the tax collector each year
    • Accepts and processes payments in redemption of those taxes
  • Instructs landowners how to search the land record indexes

Clerk of the Board

The chancery clerk serves the Board of Supervisors in these regards:
  • Attends all meetings of the Board of Supervisors
  • Records the minutes of each board meeting
  • Compiles the land roll and other reports on the board's behalf and submits them to other state governmental entities as required
  • Receives and processes all applications made for Homestead Exemption and submits the results to the State Tax Commission

Clerk of the Court

The chancery clerk is also responsible for construction and maintaining all DeSoto County Chancery Court files. These also must be maintained within the guidelines set by the State of Mississippi. In addition, passport filing, child support disbursements, and bonds are filed in the Chancery Court.
  • Receives and assigns cases to one of three Chancery Court judges
  • Maintains and files all records (files, minutes, etc) of the court
  • Issues process for service upon defendants
  • When necessary, summon jurors
  • Receives and accounts for various filing fees
  • Transmits statistical data to the Mississippi Supreme Court, administrator of the court
  • Process the court's records for appeals to the Supreme Court