Juvenile Detention Facility

The Desoto County Juvenile Justice Facility opened in April 2007. It has over 13,000 square feet and has the capacity to hold 40 juveniles. This state of the art center is equipped with monitored security cameras through out the facility. The male pod can house 25 boys and the female pod can house 15 girls. Each pod is equipped with an observation room which allows officers to have a constant visual on juveniles with special needs.

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About the Facility

The facility includes a med room where juveniles receive medical care by on sight licensed medical professionals. Any medications needing to be brought in MUST be brought for intake at either 6:00 AM or 6:00 PM, must be in their original bottle, and must be no more than 30 days old. An enclosed outside recreational yard is provided for physical activities. Like the adult detention facility, visitation is facilitated through the visitation center, and is entirely through video, so parents or legal guardians wishing to visit a juvenile must go to the visitation center to do so virtually. Juveniles are allowed one phone call per day, and that call is through the in-house kiosk system, and only approved numbers are allowed to be put into the system. Phone calls are 15 minutes.  

A classroom equipped with a computer lab, a library, and textbooks from Desoto County Schools, allows juveniles to maintain their current level of education. A full time teacher and a full time special education teacher are provided to instruct and evaluate the juveniles. They work with the local schools and faculty to assure that the juveniles in custody receive and complete all assignment.

Mental Health & Counseling

Juveniles are evaluated by mental health professionals through Region Four. Counseling is available on a daily basis for all juveniles in custody. We also provide optional religious services from local churches on a voluntary basis.