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There are many interesting facts about dispatchers. Dispatchers have many jobs, but the three main functions of a dispatcher are lifesaving, incident stabilization, and property preservation. A dispatcher must be able to multi task and prioritize. They must have 100% patience, 100% focus, and 100% dedication.

The Desoto County Sheriff's Department's dispatch center is a 24 hour 7 day a week operation. We currently have 18 dispatchers that field calls (emergency and non-emergency) and dispatch emergency responders such as:

  • 3 County ambulances
  • 8 Fire departments
  • Animal control
  • Civil Defense
  • Constables
  • Court Bailiffs
  • Desoto County Sheriff deputies
  • EMA
  • Search and rescue
  • Walls police department
  • And many other duties

Our dispatch center answers and dispatches over 60,000 calls per year. That is approximately 5000 calls per month with 1600 per month or more being actual 911 calls. The rest of the calls are answered via non- emergency line.

Calling 911 from a Cell Phone

When you dial 911 from your Cell phone please keep in mind that the 911 operator answering your call will not know your exact location. Remember it is important for you to assist the operator in finding your exact location.

Contact Us

Always call 911 for any Emergency situation which requires a sheriff, fire department or EMS response. If you are uncertain, call 911 anyways. We are always here to help.

Non-Emergency call requests for a Sheriff's Deputy to come to your residence for a report or to speak with the Sheriff himself or another person inside the Sheriff's department please call 662-469-8027, 662-469-8500.